Stuff Everyone Should Do To Stay Healthy

In addition to minimizing EMFs, I believe all healthy and ailing people alike will benefit from investing in the following:

Fulvic Acid: Fulvic Acid is something I'd never heard of only a few months ago. It's naturally found in soil, and its benefits include proper mineral absorption (super important), detoxification, anti-aging, immune boosting. I recommend watching this video to get a fuller understanding of how it works. I buy mine in liquid form from Q360, where I'm getting treatment. They recommend it for everyone as the single most important "supplement" you should take. In the time that I've switched to their liquid minerals, I can really feel the difference.

Apagard Royal Toothpaste: This Japanese toothpaste was developed by NASA for American astronauts who couldn't visit the dentist in space. Practitioners at the clinic I'm going to and other customers report REVERSING their cavities from using it. Many health issues stem from micro-bacteria that starts in dental work (anyone with fillings or who has had a root canal is most vulnerable), and this toothpaste kills that bacteria. It also restores enamel. Fluoride disrupts proper iodine absorption and interferes with conversion of T4 to T3 for proper thyroid function (amongst other unsavory things), This toothpaste is fluoride-free, but unlike other "natural" toothpastes that make your teeth more vulnerable to cavities, it uses nano hydroxyapatite, a mineral that can be used by the body to replenish lost enamel minerals and encourage new bone growth and development. Not surprisingly, it works so well that it's only sold by a Japanese company (and widely used there) because it threatened to put the American dental industry out of business. There are 3 levels, but this "Royal" formula is the best. It's expensive, but lasts for several months. I just started using it and highly recommend you get some!

Kangen Alkaline Water: Embraced by Nobel prize winning scientists, hoards of celebrities, and Japanese hospitals (notice the Japan trend?), the Kangen water systems are widely recognized for their superiority. Their systems produce water on a wide PH spectrum, from alkaline water (which is a remedy for both treating and preventing illness) to acidic water, which is stronger than bleach and can be used for everything from cleaning to topical skin conditions (more on the "types" of water it produces here). Beware reverse osmosis systems and most "alkaline water" companies: they add baking soda to the water after they've removed the minerals, which calcifies your body. This system does not do that. They'll come and give you a free demo of how and why it works (which I must admit, I was shockingly impressed by). The rep I worked with is named John Swardstrom (310-739-7973) and he can help answer all your questions or arrange a demo. Worth noting: it tastes delicious AND your food tastes difference when washed in it (this really surprised me). It also makes you pee a lot!

Note: The water and the toothpaste are linked: In addition to oxidizing the water, the Kangen water filters out the micro-fluoride that is not removed by most filtration systems, and that micro-fluoride has serious health effects, as detailed above with the toothpaste. These two things alone can radically transform your current and future health prognosis. I believe they are worth the investment.

Green Angel: A powerful desktop device that guards your home or office against the dangers of EMF and geopathic stress, including 5G. More info and benefits via the link. It’s not cheap, but it comes highly recommended and tested, and I think it’s worth the investment.

Anna AkbariComment