EMFs: A Guide To Managing Dangerous Frequencies From Your Technology [READ THIS!]

This post is intended for everyone. It is especially relevant to anyone with a serious illness, or who is pregnant or has children. But if you are interested in keeping yourself and your family healthy, I think this is one of the most important issues we don’t talk about, which can make the biggest difference in your health both now and in the future, particularly because it is everywhere most of us live and work and has increased exponentially in the last couple of decades.

I regularly write and speak about our relationships with technology, and yet, somehow EMFs were not on my radar until I got sick. EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, are emitted through technology and, at elevated levels, are a health risk. Cell phones, wifi, computers, power lines, cell phone towers, smart appliances, fitness trackers and more — most of us are submerged in these frequencies all day and night. The consensus amongst sources I trust is that the risks of this constant, abundant exposure is grossly understated in the U.S. (Other countries are far stricter and more transparent.)

If you are inclined to believe that the current FCC regulations on technology are accurately reflecting a “safe” limit, remember that the last time these limits were updated was in 1996, when only a small percentage of the population was using cell phones and there were no tablets. And when you did you use a phone, it was to talk on it and then hang up — no apps, no smartphone attached to your body at all times, no wifi running through your home 24/7. There were also few cell antennas and smart meters/smart appliances. Things have changed significantly in the last 20+ years. According to the World Health Organization, even Russia and China have safety limits for RF exposure at 100 times lower than US standards. If it’s not safe enough for the Chinese and Russians, I feel it is not safe for Americans. (I encourage you to read more on this in the Non-Tinfoil Guide mentioned below.)

When I first started diving into this topic, it made my head spin. Assuming I can’t go live off-grid in the woods, how can I possibly manage all of this and still function? Fortunately there are some easy ways of minimizing the risks— if you’re willing to be mindful and do a little work (all of which cost a varying amount of money, but vast improvements can be made with little-to-no extra financial investment).

What are EMFs and why do they matter?

Others have written extensively about the significance of EMFs, so I’ll let you read what they’ve written:

Biological effects


Sources of EMFs

Wireless Radiation Perpetuates Chronic Infections

Best resources I’ve found:

  • The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs is hands down the best overall resource I’ve come across. It costs $15 for the e-book, and it’s well-worth the money. The author lays out the science, analyzes the studies, compares legal levels across countries, and makes clear recommendations for tackling the problem, room by room, technology by technology.

  • The EMF Academy is also a great free resource. My gripe with this resource is a) the writing’s not great and b) while he communicates the problem, he doesn’t always lay out a clear solution. That said, it’s still a useful resource. A few posts I think are especially helpful:

  • Shielded Healing is the website for EMF expert Brian Hoyer, who’s been endorsed by people like Dr. Mercola and presented at the Bulletproof conference. He does consults of your home which cost around $1,000 in several cities across the U.S. I haven’t had one yet, but would like to in the near future, and would definitely hire him to do an assessment before buying a home. There’s a cool video showing one of the bedrooms he shielded for a client on the consult page. I will post more info if/when I have the assessment.

    If you decide to set up a consult, be sure to use this link and use the offer code livebetter for a discounted rate on home and office EMF assessments in cities on Brian Hoyer’s upcoming tour.

What to do to protect yourself and your family:

These suggestions are derived from the various sources I’ve read. I’ll indicate which ones I’m doing or plan to do — it’s not possible for me to do all of them, but ticking a few big ones off the list will lighten the toxic load.

Non-Tinfoil frequency goals. Source:  The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs

Non-Tinfoil frequency goals. Source: The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs

You basically have 2 options:

1. Eliminate the source: This is both the simplest and the hardest. Options include getting an old school cord phone, switching from wifi to a wired connection, or just living off-grid in nature. My hunch tells me the person reading this isn’t leaping at any of those solutions (and while I try to spend as much time in nature as possible, I’m not doing any of these myself on a regular basis) — so fret not and read on.

2. Minimize time / step away from the technology: My current life and home configuration don’t easily allow for complete elimination, so here’s what I am doing:

  • PUT DOWN THE CELL PHONE. I’ve stopped playing with it during down time or grasping it while walking around, and when I’m not using it I keep it further from my body. I use it when I need to use it, then put it in its EMF radiation pouch. When talking on the phone at home, I put it on speaker phone and don’t touch it, or I use tube headphones.

  • Turn tech off when not in use: I turn my cell phone and iPad fully off while I sleep; my computer is off and in a separate room.

  • Disable 4G (and eventually 5G). The Non-Tinfoil author was able to eliminate 84%(!!) of cell phone radiation by turning off 4G and using 3G on his phone. He switches it back on to watch videos or do anything requiring speed. For whatever reason I can’t seem to do this on my iPhone 6, but I’ll definitely be avoiding all things 5G (see image for why):

  • Turn off your internet while you sleep: This is important because the frequencies disrupt your pineal gland, which interprets the EMF radiation as light, which then inhibits melatonin and disrupts your sleep — which disrupts everything. I put my internet modem and router on a timer, so they turn off while I’m in bed. (This is particularly important because my bed is on top of them, and the closer you are, the stronger the frequency.) The internet cable happens to be in that location, so a timer is the easiest solution. I’m convinced that was disrupting my sleep and making me chronically tired — 2 days after initiating this new protocol, I already felt a marked difference in my energy levels and slept more soundly. He suggests keeping your wifi 10 feet from your body (which mine is, except when I sleep, so I turn it off). Note: Wifi goes through walls, so keep that in mind when measuring distance.

  • Avoid phone use during poor reception: He also suggests not using your phone when reception is bad, as exposure increases exponentially when your phone has poor reception. Plus, talking on the phone when the reception is poor is annoying anyway, so it’s a win/win.

  • Avoid use of technology in cars: This is a tough one. As a passenger, it’s no problem. But as a driver, I have my phone attached to my dash for maps and music. But he does remind you that it’s possible to use Google maps while on airplane mode, if you put in the destination and then put it on airplane mode. As for music and podcasts, you can download those in advance and then listen while in the car. The rationale here is that EMFs increase significantly while in a car, and they also spike when you’re moving between cell phone towers. I’m trying to incorporate this moving forward.

  • Don’t put your tablet or computer on your lap unprotected: This is a big one!! It’s basically cooking your genitals with radiation, which causes all sorts of unsavory issues, including reduced fertility. Use a table or desk, keep at a distance when possible, and when you must have it on or near your body, use a physical shield. This is the one I bought.

  • Invest in a device to neutralize/minimize some of the frequency in your home: I bought the SensitivImago White Angel, which can be purchased through the clinic where I’m getting my treatment. It has a 50ft radius when plugged in, 3 feet unpowered. The long list of its benefits can be found on the link to the product under “additional information.” I trust the science-minded people at this clinic implicitly, and its efficacy can be checked using an EMF meter, so I feel it is worth the investment. At $1500 each, it’s not cheap. It is, however, cheaper than the Green Angel, which costs $2899 and also protects against 5G.

  • Avoid having Bluetooth devices near your body: Opt for earbuds rather than any listening device that uses bluetooth (like AirPods). That also means you should consider ditching your fitness tracker: I know, you ARE OBSESSED WITH STEPS! But if you’re carrying around your phone, you can enable the iPhone health app (the one with the heart on it) to track you steps daily, as well. And if you’re using it to track sleep, but it’s having an adverse effect on your sleep, then it’s a bit counter-productive, no?  Having a bluetooth-enabled device on your skin 24/7 is just not safe. Here’s an article breaking it down in greater depth. My mom has been getting dizzy since she started using her Fitbit, so we’re experimenting with her not using it for a while to see if the issue corrects. That’s just one of the many potential side effects.

  • Get some physical shields: Sorry, but a pillow on your lap under your computer or tablet doesn’t work. Multiple sources that I trust have recommended Defender Shield’s products. I did a lot of independent research and they really do seem like the best bet out there. (Bonus: they have great customer service; you can call, get a human who speaks English and will spend the time talking to you; they also have a generous return policy.)

Here are the barrier products I bought:

  • Use grounded electronics plugins: Swap out your 2-prong computer plug for the 3-prong extended cord it came with (if it’s an Apple). If you can’t use a 3-prong, he suggests using it with the battery then charging it while not in use.

  • Keep cords away from your feet (even when not plugged in): They have an electrical charge all the time, which can drain your energy. Keep cords 3 feet away from feet whenever possible.

  • Minimize metal: This is really just if you have a severe sensitivity.

A room-by-room guide to EMF minimization

(see the Non-Tinfoil Guide for more in-depth explanations):

Bedroom [*This is the most important space to focus on*]

  • Unplug everything in your bedroom while you sleep, and especially unplug anything “smart” with wifi — turning it off is not enough! It still emits EMFs while off. If you are putting your phone on airplane mode at night to use its alarm function, be sure to also disable wifi and bluetooth and move it far from your body.

  • Choose a battery-operated alarm clock (avoid electronic)

  • Get a metal-free mattress

  • Avoid electric blankets

  • Keep unplugged chargers several feet away from your body


  • Don’t stand in front of electric kitchen tools while they’re in use

  • Minimize or avoid microwave use (and don’t stand in front of it — yes, that thing you were told not to do as a kid is legit). Microwaves leak radiation (even the good ones; it’s by design) and are more damaging than cell phones.

  • Avoid induction stoves (and don’t stand in front of it while it’s on, if you do use it)


  • Minimize hair dryer use; choose cold over hot air settings when using; don’t use at night as it could reduce melatonin

  • Choose battery-operated over electric razors (or one that recharges on the wall)

More general tips:

  • Reconsider all your “smart” appliances.

  • Try to live at least 400 meters (around 1300 feet or .25 miles) away from a cell tower (easier said than done in a city). Not sure what your home’s status is with regard to its proximity to towers and antennae? Check your address here. More tips on finding a low EMF house on this blog post.

  • Throw out wireless baby monitors and cordless phones (go old school and embrace the cord). Wired baby monitors are hard to find. Here’s a guide to creating one yourself.

  • If you have kids or are pregnant, be extra careful. You and the children are far more sensitive to all of this. Here’s a good resource if you’re cleansing your child’s room of EMFs.

Some recommended products (note: I haven’t tried these)

  • Stay clear of the main breaker panel: This one is tough for me, as it’s on the other side of the wall from my bed (and my space doesn’t permit for a redesign). So I’m enlisting other measures, like getting the SensitiveImago White Angel, knowing this is an issue. I’ll check the levels using my EMF reader before and after using the Angel and will report back.

  • Eliminate dirty electricity: This one is a bit complicated, so I’ll recommend you read the Non-Tinfoil Guide for more info, but some basic steps include swapping out lightbulbs with incandescent light bulbs and unplugging chargers when not in use.

  • Minimize geopathic stress: This is less embraced in the US, but studied and accepted in countries like Austria, Germany, and Russia (incidentally, Russia is also one of the countries that is at the forefront of the technology fueling my frequency treatments). Refer back to the Non-Tinfoil Guide for a deeper discussion, and see this website for more.

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