Contacts & Resources

Most of these are mentioned through the posts, but they are all condensed here for easy access:

Doctors, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists

  • Dr. Joshua Cohen (UCLA, oncological surgeon)

  • Dr. Daniel Dumesic (UCLA, endocrinologist)

  • Dr. Vikram Kamdar (UCLA, endocrinologist specializing in thyroid)

  • Dr. Daniel Leiber (The Angeles Clinic, affiliate of Cedars Sinai, LA, oncologist)

  • Dr. Alan Frankel (Greenbridge Medical, LA, but also works with patients remotely via video)

  • Chicken Soup Chinese Medicine, Misha Cohen (acupuncturist/herbalist, San Francisco)

  • Acutonix, Adam Griffin (acupuncturist, Los Angeles - Venice/Culver City)

  • Riordan Clinic (naturopaths with a specialization in high-vitamin C IV therapy, Kansas; haven’t worked with them yet but come highly recommended)

  • Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment (chronomodulated chemotherapy; Chicago; haven’t worked with them yet but come highly recommended)

  • Synergy Medical Clinic , Dr. Jennifer Wicher (mistletoe injections and other naturopathic services; LA; haven’t worked with them yet)

  • Dr. Mark Renneker (no website but phone number via link; San Francisco, but works with patients remotely via video; was highly referred and described as a “medical sleuth” for rare conditions; keeping him on my radar for future reference)

  • Dr. Kate Tenney (naturopath with a specialization in oncology; haven’t worked with her yet; San Francisco, but will do virtual consults)

Other Resources

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