Why Today Is The Perfect Day For a Life Pivot

You made it. You officially survived the longest, most painful election cycle in American history (or at least it seemed that way). 

Chances are you’re likely feeling a bit like this right now:

Or maybe more like: 

Intense, cathartic moments like this are an opportunity to collectively reflect. How did we arrive at this place? And where do we hope to go from here? Regardless of your current mood, this is the perfect time to hit refresh.

A fresh start. A clean slate. How many times have you daydreamed of starting over? If not with your whole life, then some specific aspect of it?

Regardless of the circumstances in which you find yourself — either through biographical realities or a national election — you can pivot your life toward happiness. And it all starts with flipping the mental switch that auto-refreshes the browser of your life.

Pivoting is something that startups do all the time when they hit a bump in the road or gather enough data to identify a better path forward. It isn’t about running away from something so much as mindfully moving toward something better.  And sometimes you’re just a pivot away from a major personal or professional breakthrough.

But what is it that most often holds us back from making the changes we desire? From moving forward in new and different ways? Often it is the belief that perfection and success (however we define it) must go hand in hand. When, in fact, perfection — and particularly the desire for it — is often at odds with success.  

There is no perfect time. No perfect look. No perfect person. No perfect you. And nothing great was ever founded on perfection. So choose now. And embrace “good enough.”

The poet Mary Oliver asks, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

The pivots that matter most start and end in your mind. They are limited only by your imagination. And it’s up to you to elect to embrace and adopt them. So vote yes.



p.s. Chances are many of the people in your life are still coming down from this monumental event. Share this with them and help them to move forward positively.

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