Sartorial Hibernation: The Art of Layering

Other animals are able to literally grow a winter coat to hibernate and survive the winter.  Unfortunately for humans, while we may put on a few cold weather pounds, it doesn’t double as outerwear, and we still need to pay attention to thermoregulation.  Thus, we’re left to pile on the clothes – an act that may make you feel more like a linebacker than a style sophisticate.  So let’s rid ourselves of those bulky, frumpy layers and learn how to stay sleek and warm:

trapping heatTrapping heat
alice olivia Infinity ScarfWrap your neck
eugenia kim Lula Turban HeadbandFocal points
Snow Angel Women's Chami Graphic Print Crew Neck ThermalGo play outside
zara SHEER LONG-SLEEVE TOPThinly veil your skin