Non-traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts

We know, we can already hear you groaning: Valentine’s Day gifts are the worst. Cheesy, irrelevant, but still often obligatory.  It’s no wonder that V-Day is everyone’s love-to-hate holiday. Stumped on finding something romantic but personal? This year, forgo chocolates, flowers, and lingerie for some of these creative, whimsical gifts.

Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice Literary Brass Bracelet Cuff in BlackJane Austen Pride & Prejudice Cuff Engagement rings are all too common a gift on Valentine’s Day. If you’re not ready to pop the question, go for this chic Etsy piece that has the ultra-romantic proposal scene from Pride and Prejudice printed on it. It’ll seem super thoughtful to your paramour (provided she’s literature-inclined).
Hearts, Valentines Day Gift. Two iPhone 4 : 4s cases, iPhone 4 : 4s coversHearts Matching iPhone Cases  A modern update on the old split-em-keep-one friendship charm bracelet. These matching iPhone cases are perfect for sharing with your techie soulmate or are even a great little gift for a friend.
Mix Tape 1GB USB Memory StickMixtape USB drive Remember being a lovesick teenager, spending hours crafting the perfect mix of cool bands to impress your crush? Bring back that feeling with this nostalgic mixtape-shaped USB drive. Load up some of your favorite or most memorable tunes for a gift that’s reminiscent and romantic. Plus, thanks to modern technology and rewritable memory, this will remain a practical item long after your sweetheart has finished uploading your playlist to iTunes.
Bonus: Throw in this adorable heart-shaped Headphone Splitter so the two of you don’t have to awkwardly entangle your earbuds when you want to listen to your mixtape in public.
we go together like copy and paste. letterpress cardShop Sapling Press Greeting Cards on Etsy  Step it up from an e-card or an emoji-filled iMessage this year and send your lover one of these hilarious greeting cards. They’ve got all the old-fashioned charm of handwritten mail, but feature such hip and unique expressions of love as “We go together like teenage girls and vampires” or “I love you like Gayle loves Oprah.”
Discover Luxury Hosiery MonthlyPIQUE Hosiery Subscription  Finally, we at Sociology of Style appreciate gifts that continue to give all year round, like a subscription to a clever, curated delivery service. PIQUE will deliver you or your valentine 2 pairs of luxurious tights, leggings, stockings, or socks for $38 a month. She’ll be grateful for the wardrobe expansion, you’ll get to ogle her, and it’s way less cheesy than another “sexy” Victoria’s Secret set.