Men’s Commuter Clothes that Keep You Cool

It’s tough for you guys. Women can bare legs and sleeves when it comes time to leave the A/C office for subway platforms that feel like they’re melting. How can you move between climates gracefully as a man? Here are our tips.

outlier og pantsOutlier OG Pants

Check out these work pants from Outlier, a fashion technology-oriented company that offers stylish solutions for commuting to work, while keeping cool under the sun. The material is made of 80% nylon for comfortable durability. Plus, they’re water and dirt resistant to coffee spills and other office situations – a must-have item for businessmen biking to work. Need something a little more wind-resistant and fitted? Try out these pants from Lululemon – they’re also perfect for the transition from work to work out.

camo kooltieKooltie

Looking for the latest in keep-cool technology? These bandana fabrics utilize water-absorption crystals that, after soaked in water for half an hour, stay damp against your neck, to keep your body temperature steady in the summer heat. An affordable and fashionable solution, they can also be worn around the wrist. As if they couldn’t be versatile enough, they’re also unisex, so go ahead and pick one up for your girlfriend, too. For a similar concept, but with a bit more fabric, try out this bandana by Columbia.

coolibar shirt

Coolibar ZnO Pro Summer Comfort Shirt

This button-up by Coolibar brings you all the comfort of your workout clothes in a professional silhouette. The cotton-spandex blend is designed specifically to wick away moisture and heat. Details like roll-sleeve button tabs and five rustic shades conceal just how smart this shirt is – no one will know how prepared you are for the heat (except that you’re the only one not breaking a sweat).

outlier vneck

Outlier Merino V Neck

The best undershirt solution for blistering summer days is Outlier’s Ultrafine Merino V-Neck. It maintains high breathability while remaining thin and light – plus, it comes in four stylish, wardrobe-friendly colors. And don’t be afraid to wear it alone or with a light blazer.

jcrew shirt

J Crew Short Sleeve Cotton Shirt 

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again – a good men’s short sleeve shirt is hard to find, but it’s certainly not impossible. This short-sleeve popover from J. Crew will be your best friend on Casual Friday this summer. In three modern, bold solids, it’s the perfect center between business polish and laid-back casuals.