Lyrical Trendsetters: Musicians and Their Persuasive Style

Fashion and music are symbiotic, particularly when it comes to branding.  What would a brand be without its celebrity style influences and accompanying theme songs?  And what would musical artists be without their signature style?

Musicians are increasingly considered to be fashion trendsetters and often play the role of “muse” for designers.

In this third installment of the music/fashion intersect, Sociology of Style takes a moonwalk through ten musical artists whose styles have changed the way we dress – and, in turn, shaped the culture we live (and rock) in:

10. Kanye West:Although they’ve been around since the 80’s, it wasn’t until Kanye West wore shutter glasses in his 2007 “Stronger” video that they really hit the mainstream.

9. Jay-Z: A loyal New Yorker, Jay-Z constantly reminds the world of his love of NYC, in part via his iconic “NY” hat

8. Britney Spears: The late 90’s saw us introduced to Britney in her “Hit Me Baby One More Time” video, which featured her dressed as a provocative Catholic school girl. She “inspired” many with the knee high sock / short skirt combo (and the look remains a Slutoween favorite today).

7. Marilyn Manson: He inspired the black lipstick look of the mid 90’s, which, while once relegated to  the “goth” subculture, has become widely used and embraced by the mainstream.

6. LL Cool J:  LL gave the ladies another reason to love Cool J with his signature Kangol hat in the mid 80’s (whether or not the ladies still love men in these hats…is up for debate).

5. Kriss Kross: “Kriss Kross will make you” – wear your clothes backwards?  For some in the early ‘90’s, that’s the not-so-practical trend that these 12 year old rappers started.

4. Justin Bieber: The top selling teen entertainer in history has not only won over the hearts of t(w)een girls everywhere, but also inspired many teen boys to rock the eponymous “Bieber” coif.

3. Madonna: The queen of pop has inspired, liberated, and aroused many since the mid 80’s with her sexed up femininity.

2. Michael Jackson: Amongst countless other fashion trends, the King of Pop launched the dance-friendly white sock / black loafer look in the early 80’s.

1. MC Hammer: In the 90’s, he popularized what became known to the world as “Hammer Pants” – and which have, somewhat unfortunately, also become a runway favorite, under the guise of “Harem pants.”  Please Hammer, don’t make us look at anymore dropped-crotch pants.

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