Is There An Official Millennial Style?

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[quote]Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.[/quote]

—Gertrude Stein

The Millennial generation has been making headlines and creating buzz for the last decade or so. Some of the publicity coverage for this emerging generation spans from high praises to biting criticisms. One writer asserts that Millennials are bound to “save us all,” while another claims that they’re miserable to mentor and work with in the office. As a writer from The Atlantic puts it, “Reading about today’s young generation is enough to give you whiplash.”

With all this talk of this still very young generation, what are some characteristics that are unique to Millennials? And how is their identity expressed through style?

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First, it’s important to examine factors that have influenced how Millennials grew up. Of course the rise of technology, especially the internet, has formed how Millennials perceive and interact with the world. But growing up in the Information Age, while it certainly has its blessings, can also be a curse. Attitudes like FOMO (a “fear of missing out”) have been coined, meaning “a syndrome born from the constant pressure of social media” which have Millennials comparing and evaluating their own decisions. This leads to another attitude author Robin Marantz Henig calls “decision fatigue.”

The world Millennials are operating in is fast-paced, and many want to slow down. Decision making has become quite the dilemma for the average Millennial. But while decision overload is causing some Millennials to be “fatigued,” it has inspired others to turn their decision-making into an art.

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That’s where Kendi Skeen, Millennial style blogger and owner of boutique “Bloom,” comes in. Kendi Everyday is a daily style blog that’s fresh, and can be appreciated by all kinds of people. One thing I love is that she labels where she found each clothing item/accessory. It should be noted that it’s apparent that Millennials love all things vintage, and Kendi’s style is no exception. Many of her outfits have hints of inspiration from the last few decades: 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and yes, even the 90s. The combination of these eclectic details are always fresh, and always elegant. Kendi’s style reflects a style that is cutting through the clutter of the past. In the midst of today’s information overload it takes talent to sort through the “oldies but goodies” and elegantly put together an outfit that works.

In Kendi’s style I see a revival of the simple and personal aspects of fashion. She takes the time to consider each piece for its intrinsic beauty. In a world of information overload, one Millennial is finally stepping back and taking her time in finding what’s right for her. And in time, I hope many other Millennials will follow suit. Literally.

Here are some tips on how to learn more about and stay in touch with the unique style of the emerging Millennial generation:

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Movers & Shakers: Check out 22-year-old Radio & TV Talk Show host Chelsea Krost who is creating a platform for Millennials to discuss issues that are important to them. Chelsea’s media platform also regularly showcases other rising stars in the Millennial generation.


Millennial writers: Political news and opinion pieces on PolicyMic features “pundits”– today’s young thinkers and writers.

Oh, and check out my blog about this ever-changing generation at

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Fashion Online: Check out other Millennials who are showcasing their personal style (and love of vintage) through blogs and social media, like Jaimen Lee in Brooklyn. Or the fashion website The Everygirl, rated in the “Top 10 sites for Millennial Women” by Forbes.