I Like Big Butts -- And So Should You


[quote]Latin women are very comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality. We aren’t afraid to show that off a little bit more.[/quote]

-– Sofia Vergara

To say that only real women have curves does a serious disservice to womankind.  Real, beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes, and the voluptuous Rebel Wilsons and Beyonces have just as much validity as the waify Zoe Saldanas and Kate Mosses of the world.  However, in the land of lights, cameras, and action, extreme thinness tends to prevail as the gold standard of feminine beauty.

So, I was taken aback the other day walking in LA’s Fashion District.  In a place where armies of mannequins stand guard, I was surprised to see their mannequin butts are big, round, and unapologetic.

Funny enough, these voluptuously bottomed mannequins are nowhere to be found in the posh stores of predominantly WASPy neighborhoods like Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice, Los Feliz, etc.  Those are the neighborhoods for thin thighs and tiny derrieres.

Big-bottomed mannequins are abundant in Los Angeles neighborhoods dominated by Latino culture. Based on the mannequins alone, it’s arguable that in Latino culture, being female is something to have pride in.

To be proud of one’s female sexuality is difficult in this country – it’s a delicate balance.  Study after study suggests that women who put effort into their appearance are promoted in business more than women who either embrace their sexuality too much or go the other way and don’t embrace it enough.  Just look at the flack that Hillary Rodham Clinton got when she didn’t wear (“enough”) makeup.

There’s no magic formula, but embracing your body always trumps an attempt to deny it.  So ladies, no matter the measurement of our hips or the cup of our breasts, let’s start giving more power to all that we are, from the size of our rumps to the dynamism of our minds.  For starters, let’s all take Sir Mix-A-Lot’s timeless advice and turn around, stick it out, and shake our healthy butts.  Maybe one day all the mannequins will have voluptuous bottoms. (Even in Beverly Hills.)  And until then, here are some booty-shaking tips:

  • Strictly-Ballroom-baz-luhrmann-749175_1600_900Since you’re already channeling the but-centric early 90s with Mr. Mix-A-Lot, (re)watch and dance along to Strictly Ballroom, a celebration of body-loving sensuality and general fabulousness.

  • BDA6B2A2A5E349DD39D1DC19E46178_h400_w300_m2_bblack_q99_p99_cmuQpSmOtMany women who are unhappy with their bodies try to hide in larger clothes. We dare you take a day to do the exact opposite and wear something body-conscious. Maybe you’ll feel insecure, maybe you’ll feel empowered. But you’ll probably feel something. Note whatever it is and ask yourself why.


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