Gifts that Give All Year

Remember when subscription gifts were limited to ornate baskets of fruit and cheese?  Well, that isn’t the case anymore, as witnessed by these 13 clever alternatives – a few of which you may have heard of, but most of which you probably haven’t.  Subscribe to these gifts to give someone (or yourself) presents even after the holidays have ended. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on something you’re not sure they’ll like, spend the money on these fun, whimsical, and downright necessary items they’ll receive throughout the year. fancy_box_subscription1. The Fancy Box For just $30 dollars a month, the Fancy Box gives you their coolest items from their website.  Pick from four of their five categories (men’s, women’s, home, gadgets, or media) and just email them when you want the subscription to cease – so give a month, or if you’re feeling generous, give a full year.  Your choice.

birchbox_subscription2. Birch Box Score samples of best selling and brand new beauty products with this monthly box. This is the best way to amp up your beauty routine and discover new products, as well as get your favorites right to your door. Subscriptions are available for both men ($20 per month) and women (just $10 per month).

Cookie_club_subscription3. Cookie of the Month Club Looking for the perfect gift for someone with a sweet tooth? Cookie of the month delivers two pounds of gourmet cookies every month. Each month the recipient will dine upon a deliciously different flavor. Starting from $89 you can get regular cookie deliveries throughout the year. Offers 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions, plus a cookie of the season offering.

panty_by_post4.  Panty By Post Want to spice things up year round? Buy your lovely lady a subscription to Panty by Post, where she’ll get “a pretty panty mailed monthly.” Choose 12, 6, or a 3 month subscription and select your preferred style (thongs, mix–no thongs, or mix) and size (ranging from xs-xxxxl).

discoverpique5. Discover Pique “Never wear pants again” once you receive this hosiery. Take a short quiz to set your style profiles, then choose a monthly plan and get hosiery, stockings, and socks galore! Style tip: Unusual tights are the best way to add playful flair to a dull winter wardrobe.

trunk_club6. Trunk Club Know a man who needs serious fashion help? Give him the gift of Trunk Club. Fill out an online consultation of only a few questions and voila! Before you know it, new fashionable items will arrive at your door. The best part? Return whatever doesn’t work and keep whatever does. Price is determined based on what you select and keep.

7. Art in A Box For your artist (or aspiring collector) friend: they take a quick quiz to determine their aesthetic preferences, then each month they will get an original piece of artwork from an artist in the Bay Area, sent to any of the 50 states. You keep each piece and decide how many times per year you’d like to receive more art (select as few as 3 months for $50 each).

8. The Pig’s Next Door Bacon Club Soooo-ey! Enjoy a different artisanal bacon delivered to your door each month. Each shipment of delicious bacon will arrive with tasting notes and recipes customized to take advantage of that month’s selection. There are two options: a basic subscription that’s a cut above supermarket bacon, or an extremely high-end bacon subscription that comes from the Kobe of pigs (we’re talking Berkshire, Tamworth and Duroc). Subscriptions come in 6 or 12 month packages and start at $99 + shipping for one package a month for 6 months. All of the bacon is minimally processed and comes from sustainable farms and farmers “motivated by flavor, not profit.”

blue_apron9. Blue Apron Does someone on your gift list struggle with what’s for dinner?  Get them Blue Apron.  They’ll receive all the necessary ingredients to make three meals each week (per their selected plan and the number of people they’ll be serving). They send you seasonal recipes by top chefs, exactly what you need to cook, and a guarantee that their ingredients are “fresher than the supermarket.”  (Tip: Then have them invite you over for dinner.)

brit_kits10. Brit Kits Brit Kits are perfect for the latent Martha Stewart in all of us. It consists of a monthly kit filled with different materials and easy instructions for under 30-minute projects, so that you can help someone you love to become the best DIY-er in town. (This means cool gifts for you in the future.)

11. Just the Right Book Trying to figure out what book to buy someone for the holidays? Trick them into filling out a short questionnaire while you’re on the phone with them, and the Just the Right Book specialists will choose books that match their reading style, and send them right to their door. Bonus suggestion: Buy the same subscription for yourself and use it as an excuse to get together regularly and discuss your mutual reading list.

little_pnuts12. Little Pnuts For all the new moms to find gifts for this holiday season, Little Pnuts sends a box of “the best in sustainably made, ecologically friendly, organic, and naturally made toys. We don’t offer battery operated toys, nor the traditional big brand market toy.” Every 3 months, the gifted one will receive a shipment with 3-5 of the best toys for your kids.

13. Bark Box Buy your friend who’s obsessed with their pooch a Bark Box. For only $7 a month, they’ll receive a box filled with doggie goodies.  Plus, 10% of profits go to support rescue groups – and shipping is free!