A Look Back to Guide the Year Ahead: Resolutions From the Year in Review

2013-year-resolution-400x400The New Year is about moving forward and starting fresh – but it’s also about looking back and reflecting.  So we’ve compiled a list of resolutions, inspired by some of your favorite Sociology of Style pieces.  Start the year right by committing to this list, and use the articles to guide you….

evilqueencelWork on creating mindful social media posts.
hepburn_katherineMake fashion fun.  Play with your style and use everyday costuming to try on different identities.
futureshockBecome more tech savvy and be fashionably wired.
filenesStop making bargain purchases you’ll regret later.
GivingFullParticipate in the culture of reciprocity and give better gifts.
eskimo_kiss21Smell better (trust me – it matters).
Winter mountain roadEliminate travel stress by being a smarter traveler.
valerie_steele Identify a style role model who is as successful visually as she is professionally.
Find more opportunities to dance and party (even when you’re in a store).
opiGive yourself permission to sparkle all year round.

Happy New Year from Sociology of Style!