Purple to the People (+ Selfie Dysmorphia, Nose Hair Extensions & MORE)

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By now your brain and your body are likely (mostly) back in action post-holiday. So I thought I'd give you a few things to ponder as we kick of the year. Here's a sampling of some of the Fashion|Body|Culture conversations we're having over on Instagram:

The Year of Purple: The 2018 Pantone color of the year is purple (or, more precisely, “ultra violet”). Color forecasting is a fascinating reflection of current cultural trajectories, and it is anything but random. Purple is revered as a “complex” color, a combination of red and blue (colors whose assigned political affiliations lead to an interesting metaphor when it comes to purple’s co-mingling of the two…). Historically, it’s the color of power, wealth, and royalty (FACT: once upon a time, only royals could wear the color).

But my theory is purple was chosen this year because it is the color of feminism. It was a color espoused by the suffragettes, a symbol of loyalty and a constancy to purpose, an unswerving steadfastness to a cause. If ever there was a year to wear purple, it’s this one. So go get your purple on.

Selfie Dysmorphia: Pre-social media, only models were airbrushed. Now we all have the pleasure of augmenting and perfecting our appearances through filters and apps.

What’s the harm in putting your best self forward?

One side effect is body dysmorphia — or its latest incarnation “selfie dysmorphia.” First it was the “Facebook facelift,” now this woman became addicted to plastic surgery to look more like her filtered selfies.

This is another instance where your 2D digital life is sabotaging your 3D “real” life. [Read more]

Conservative Fashion Trend: Is the current trend of “conservative” fashion a backlash against the culture of misogyny and harassment that has until now lurked beneath society’s surface? [Read More]

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