Your Complete Holiday Survival Guide [+ DISCOUNTS]

First, a little milestone: For those of you who have been connected with me for a while, you may recall that we've been sending you cultural commentary, image-related ideas, and generally sociologically-minded advice for over 5 years now (5!! I can't really believe it.) Thanks to those of you who have stuck around this long — we like to think that's a good sign :)

But whether you're a veteran SoS subscriber or new to the conversation, we thought it might be nice to dip back into some topics from holidays past. So instead of a traditional gift guide, here's a Holiday Survival Guide you can digest and "gift" to friends, family, and colleagues you think could use it....(and just when you thought you couldn't afford any more gifts?)

For the Holiday Jetsetter:

Holiday Travel: On the Road Again

What to wear, what to pack, and how to destress, hydrate, and stay healthy — ALL SOLVED.

For the Partier:

Holiday Bacchanalia & Collective Effervescence: The Social Significance of Partying

To remind you why we party in the first place (ok, it's less of a reminder and more of a scientific if you needed one.)

For the Clark Griswold In All Of Us:

The Holiday of the Spectacle

Holiday bling and visual traditions explained. History, tips, and why mistletoe might get you pregnant.

For the Person With the Difficult Family:

How To Beat the Holiday Blues (and start the New Year stronger and happier)

Positively transform your relationship with the holidays — and your state of mind — with a few savvy, strategic choices.

For the Knowledge Nerd:

Maybe you are more interested in impressing everyone at your gatherings with your obscure knowledge, like why certain colors are associated with specific holidays? Your geek-out guide is here.

But wait, there's more! While forwarding these links to loved ones is a great gift, some of them may also appreciate a little...something extra. Give the gift of a life- or image-upgrade with one of our Sociology of Style online video courses or the Startup Your Life book. They're fun, affordable, and guaranteed to improve the life of the recipient beyond that scented candle you were planning to give them... 

And as a thank you for being a Sociology of Style subscriber, we invite you to take 30% off your course purchase (whether it's for you or someone on your list) from now untilDecember 31st. Just enter HOLIDAY30 at the checkout to become the santa worthy of all the cookies.

So, that's all for 2017. Read and share the survival guide, gift some courses and books, and after a little down time, charge into 2018 like you own it. We'll be back with more to contemplate and amuse in January.

Until then...Happy Holidays!


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