Insta-Analysis: Transparent Pants, Muddy Jeans, Digitally Distracted Dining

I have a very torrid relationship with social media. So much potential value, with so many difficult-to-avoid pitfalls. This is especially true of Instagram. And while I finally caved and created a personal Instagram account, I’ve been reluctant to put Sociology of Style on the Instagram bandwagon. I didn’t want to create another social account just for the sake of self-promotion — I wanted it to actually serve a purpose.

So this week we are launching the Sociology of Style Instagram account with this goal: To identify happenings and trends in culture and use that as a springboard for analysis and conversation. We’ll touch on everything from fashion to technology to cultural scenes, and pose some commentary and a question — all in the hopes that it may encourage you to think a bit more deeply about what you wear, see, and do. 

Here’s what the Sociology of Style account is NOT: It’s not advertising cute clothes or giving you inspirational looks to envy and emulate (I think we can all agree there’s already enough of that). Rather, this is a visually-driven, thought-provoking space for critique and conversation about visual culture.

Every few weeks, we’ll send out an email with some "Insta-Analysis" of recent posts, and we encourage you to follow us to participate in real-time and chime in with your thoughts.

Have an image / trend / scene you think is worthy of analysis and want us to weigh in? Just mention @SocofStyle in your post (or in the comments of an interesting post you spot) and we’ll give you our input and possibly feature it.

To kick it off this week, we’re looking at two unfortunate and peculiar fashion trends, as well as a technology-obsessed social epidemic. Check them out and let us know your thoughts:

Transparent Pants - Why? 

Distracted Dining: The Case for Unplugging

The Mud Jean: A Distressing Message? 

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